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    Does river seem male or female to you

    We still like this name for a boy but do you think it's too feminine?

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    Nope. Seems totally male to me, probably because my only point of reference is River Phoenix.

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    South Australia
    Hmm.. I think its one of those names that changes its feel depending on middle names or sibling names. But for me River is all boy. I met this adorable little boy on the train a while back, who was commenting on the "ding-ers" (or the train crossing lights, haha.) His name was Miles and his little brother who was asleep on mum's lap was River. I say keep it on your list, to me its screams boy - in a good way But like most things to each their own.

    Best Wishes!

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    My other kids are Holden, Sawyer and Izabella. Our middle name considerations are River Elias, River Elijah and River Jonas

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    I think River Elias sounds very masculine.
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