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Thread: Bayes or Baze

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    Bayes or Baze

    My youngest just turned one and my wife and I are thinking about names to use for future children. We have two boys named Dashiell (Dash) and Flynn. We originally picked Bayes for Flynn but everyone in our families hated it and that made my wife not want to use it. We both still really love it and it's the only one we kind of regret not using. What do you say? Was our family right, is it a terrible name? And if you don't think it's terrible, which spelling do you prefer?

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    Does it have some significance to you? It's a bit too out there for me, but if it's a meaningful name, then go for it...
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    I don't like it, but if you do, use it.

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    I suggest Blaise! It has a similar sound and is much more recognizable as a "legitimate" name.

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    I don't mind Bayes--I like the sound of it--but Baze is really not good. Bayes reminds me of Hayes and of Bay and seems more legitimate. Baze looks totally made up and trendy.
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