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    Madeleine Amelia
    Adeline Amelia

    Hm, I like alliteration, but I also love the name Madeleine (that spelling). I'm not sure you can go wrong.

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    I'm not fond of Madeline because it includes mad, and it's just super popular.
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    Madeline Amelia looks better, but I prefer the name Adeline (pronounced Ada-leen). I think either way you will be fine, they both sound beautiful!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love both Madeleine and Adeline! How are you saying them? I say Mad-eh-len (or even almost Mad-len) and add-eh-line. I like alliteration, but I think I prefer Madeleine Amelia to Adeline Amelia. Something about Adeline Amelia just seems off to me. Still a pretty name, though. It's sad, because they're similar enough that you can't really save one for a second daughter. So I would probably go with whichever FN I liked best, which, for me, is Adeline. So if you're going off of combos, I'd say Madeleine Amelia, but if you're going by true love of the FN, I would definitely say Adeline Amelia. Both are really pretty, though!
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