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    Elodie is rather popular around where I live, I meet little Elodies all the time. I think it's beautiful though. However, Elke is fabulous! It's so quirky, fun and offbeat. Love it with Mila as well.
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    I love the name Elodie! It was the first name my husband every suggested to me and I love the possibility of the nn Liddy. I don't personally know any babies named Elodie. The only person I have seen with the name Elodie was a woman on the MTV show the Hills who worked at a record label that Audrina worked at. I know Elka can be a nickname for Elizabeth. Again, the only Elka I know of is from a woman named Elka on the MTV show the Real World Boston. She was my favorite though so I've always loved the name.

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    I don't care for Elke, but I really like Elodie. I do not know any Elodies in real life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lineska View Post
    I love the idea of Mila & Elka!

    Elka is gorgeous and absolutely a legit spelling, its a nickname for Elzbieta and since Mila is also a nickname name (in some cultures, I know it stands alone in others, I have a feeling Elka may be similar). I think they're a perfect pair.
    This is where I stand, too.

    I'm in Australia and I think Elodie is on the rise here, too. I know a few around the 2-4 age group, and there are two Elodies in my nephew's kindergarten class!

    I like the crispness of Elka. I also think Elodie is one of those names that looks prettier than it sounds...or, perhaps, sounds a lot prettier in its native French pronunciation than when it's being butchered by antipodean accents!

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    Haha jeska, that's a good point about antipodean accents!

    Any suggestions for middles? I was totally sold on using Isis as a middle if we'd gone with Elodie, but Elka Isis doesn't flow as well.
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