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Thread: Paddington?

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    It would make a really cute pet name! I can also see it in the middle spot with a strong-sounding first name, as some other people have said.
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    Too bear/British to me. Sounds either too cutesy or too pretentious
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    I quite like this for a middle or a first name. Even really like the bear association. I think it's pretty great.

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    Haha when my brother was born (I was 2 and a half at the time), I gave my parents a shortlist for his name and Paddington was at the top (the other options were Jesus and Mowgli). I think they humoured me a bit and I was so convinced he was going to be called Paddington. There's a reason people don't usually let 2 year olds name their siblings, though, because clearly they just choose characters from their story books. I still kind of think my brother could have totally pulled it off, but my parents apparently didn't agree.
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