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Thread: ...Marzipan?

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    I think this one is best left a cute inside joke. Maybe Marzipan can be your adorable family nickname for her? I'm sure little Juniper, Amanda or Greta would find the story of how nn Marizpan came to be hilarious and adorable.

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    1,689's too much. i agree with everyone else. i CALL my daughter "cupcake", but i didn't NAME her "cupcake" because that would be marzipan. maybe you could name her something that starts with mar- and call her marzipan as a cutesy nickname?

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    No, but Marzipan would be a cute nn...maybe for an Amanda or Matilda?
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    Umm, no. Way too much. Get some sleep!

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    Oh I think its adorable! Its not too crazy, I mean many people are naming their children alternative names such as Butterfly, Apple, Olive, Clementine etcetera, etcetera, etcetera! Marzipan is just to sweet to leave behind (hahaha Im so funny)!

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