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  • Linus Wills "Journey"

    15 31.91%
  • Felix Simon "Journey"

    32 68.09%
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    Help us decide between names!

    OK, I think we've got it down to 2 for our boy due in August - Felix Simon or Linus Wills. I have a favorite and my husband has a favorite. We have both said we can live with the other option. Both Simon and Wills (note: NOT Willis) are family surnames. Our last name rhymes with and sounds similar to "Journey" but begins with Ch-. We are trying to figure out how each name would be received. We are well aware of fictional characters with each name and have decided to look past those. We have a 4 year-old daughter named Sylvia Caron (and have considered letting her be the one to choose between them).
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    Most definitely Linus! It's so jazzy and underused. Sylvia and Linus are wonderful together.
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    Both are rather cool combinations, but I like Felix and Sylvia best.
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    Sylvia and Linus! I adore them together, and Linus Wills is really handsome.
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    Adore Linus Willis, Sylvia and Linus sound very cool and jazzy.

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