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    Goddess/mythology names?

    Hi there! Not pregnant or anything, but brainstorming for my ever-changing girls list. My name is Freya and I've always thought the goddess connection was pretty cool, and I also like the relative unusual-ness of my name (I live in the U.S, and I've never met another Freya, though I know my name's very popular across the sea!) If you guys have any favorite goddess names or names with mythological connections, common or obscure, lay 'em on me!
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    My name is Diana, which is the name of a Goddess

    Here are my favorites:
    Artemis (greek version of Diana)
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    Some beautiful names from the Norse mythology:
    Saga (!!!)
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    My favorites:
    Elpis- I don't love it for its sound; it reminds me too much of Elvis. When Pandora opened the box, hope was the one thing left after everything else flew out. Elpis is considered the personification of hope.
    Lorelei- The whole "luring sailors to their deaths with her song" thing is pretty negative, but the sound is heavenly.
    Ceridwen- How cool would it be to be named after the goddess of poetry?
    Guinevere- Fabulous Arthurian name that lends itself to the friendly nns Gwen or Gwyn.
    Rhiannon- Means "great queen", and RiRi is possibly the cutest nn EVER.
    Clio- Fabulously adorable name with serious mythological pedigree.
    Isolde- Gorgeous, tragic myth.
    Aurora- Not a fan of possible nn Rory, but Aurora itself is pure beauty.
    Flora- Spunky grandma name.
    Juno- I don't love the connection to the film, but the name itself is awesome.
    Victoria- My all-time favorite name, and the goddess of victory.
    Euphrosyne- One of the 3 Graces in Greek mythology. Beautiful sound.
    Evadne- Lends itself to pretty nn Evie.
    Phoebe- Lovely name that could fit anyone.
    Isis- Familiar yet unusual, and oh so cool!

    Phew! I think that's all.
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    Nerissa (A sea nymph)
    Nyx (Greek goddess of night)
    Eirene (Greek goddess of peace)
    Daphne (a fresh water nymph)
    Circe (Greek goddess/witch depending on what version you read)
    Niobe (a princess in Greek mythology)
    Danae (one of Zeus’ mortal lovers and the mother of Perseus, who killed Medusa)
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