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    Girl Name: Sagan?

    My husband and I finally reached some sort of consensus with the name Sagan, but now we are both thinking it might be too weird for a girl. I do like the meaning of it (wise one) and the association with Carl Sagan.

    However, is it too out there? I want a strong name, but not something our daughter will have to constantly correct the pronunciation of or be teased for.

    Yea or nay?

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    I'm so sorry. All I see is Satan.


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    I didn't see Satan...all I could hear was Saggin'...sagging...

    Maybe a different name might appeal to you....

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    Sorry, I think its ugly, really unfeminine, and also a lot like Satan

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    Is Sagan saye-gin or sah-gin or sah (like sash)-gin? I like the first better, I think. I don't like the name overall though, bit made-up to me. Maybe Sage?
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