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    Cascade as a middle name

    Is Cascade usable as a middle name? I would never put is as a first, because I love nn Cass, but not the detergent brand associaton. What are your opinions? Right now, I quite like Isabel Cascade.
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    Personally first thing I think of is the detergent and I don't think it is very usable. But there are other name options that start with Cass that sound good with Isabel ... Cassia, Cassandra, Cassidy, Cassiopeia, Cassara, and Cassiana.

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    I actually saw a profile of a girl named Cascade in the newspaper! I think it makes a great middle name as well. Isabel Cascade is pretty. Honestly, my first thought is waterfalls when I hear it. Then the detergent. So I think it works.

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    I think of the detergent, but I also think of waterfalls and the mountain range. It has a pretty sound. Cascada in Spanish (rhymes with nada, not Ada) might get you some distance from the detergent if you like it. Cascada is the name of a German band though FWIW.

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    The detergent actually never came to mind, and I doubt most people would make that association. I think it's a wonderful combination!

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