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    Old fashioned, uncommon, names for our fourth?

    We have 3 children: Eloise Julian, Beatrix London, and Foster Kingsley. We're ttc #4, I want something not in the top 1000 in the US as none of the other children's names were when they were born. Here's my short list, please make both fn and mn suggestions and combos if you want.

    Harriet Maxine
    Harriet Sutton
    Harriet Josephine
    Guinevere Maxine
    Maxine Storie
    Ottilie Maxine ( what is the correct pronunciation of Ottilie?)
    Ottoline June
    Theodora June
    Agatha (Aggie)
    Persephone (Posie)
    Novalee (Noely)
    Rosamund (Rue)

    Sahm to: Eloise (06/2008) Beatrix (10/2010) Foster (07/2012) Harriet (edd: 09/2014)

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    I've always pronounced Ottilie OTT-ih-lee/OTT-ill-ee where I would say Ottoline with an ending like "Caroline."

    I think Harriet Sutton goes beautifully with your crew. I like Maxine in the middle a great deal, too (Josephine makes the name seem rather long), but the others have surnamey MNs, like Sutton. Would you use Hattie or Etta as a nickname, or Harriet? I also think Araminta Carlisle, Rosamund Carlisle, and Ottilie Maxine are delightful picks.

    To trim, I'd eliminate Novalee (sounds very country-twangy to me, unlike the others' more British vintage choices), Clarice (I find it rather snooty and dated; someone's neglectful stepmother is always named Clarice...or maybe that's just in early Mary-Kate and Ashley movies), and Persephone (too heavy and mythological next to the others). I'd also make Carlisle a middle-only choice since it would be the only unisex/surname on a girl in your family. And I LOVE Ramona, but having sisters Ramona, Eloise, and Beatrix in the same family feels very kids-book-themey (Ramona Quimby, Eloise at the Plaza, and the Beatrix Potter books). But then, I am generally theme-avoidant.

    I might suggest:
    Gwendolyn (I find it easier than Guinevere, which still feels pretty Arthurian to me)
    Romilly (love nn Romy, Millie, Rilla) or Romola
    Tamsin or Thomasina
    Martina (Marnie)
    Imogen (LOVE with your crew)
    Penrose as a middle
    Sybella or Sybil
    Winifred (Winnie!)
    Azenor (Aza, Zora, or Nora)

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    Love your other children's names!

    To go with your sibset I especially love:

    Guinevere Maxine - IMO this is absolutely stunning! Guinevere is a beautiful name and I love Maxine with it!

    Other names that I like from your chocies are:

    Combo Ideas
    Ramona June
    Novalee Clarice
    Rosamund Josephine

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