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    Which Name Combo Looks and Sounds Better?

    I'm having a baby girl that will be due soon. Her dad is Vietnamese so I am picking a Vietnamese middle name and an Anglicized first name for her.

    I really like the name Tien and was even thinking about choosing Tien as her first name. However, since it is not an Anglicized name, my mother told me she was afraid that my daughter would encounter some discrimination when she applies for jobs in the future.

    I am thinking of naming her either Tracy Tien Tran or Tien Tracy Tran? What do you think? I would love to hear opinions and suggestions.

    Thank you!

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    Honestly, I think I would use Tien as the first name. I'm not a fan of Tracy because it feels so 1970s. If a future employer tosses your daughter's résumé because she has a Vietnamese name, it's for the better. Would you really want your daughter working for such a prejudiced person?
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    I definitely understand the resume issue. Name discrimination happens every day, however, I don't agree that names should be watered down so they're perceived as white. I like Tien as her first name. If she worries, she can always use Tracy on resumes or it's common for "foreign" names and names perceived as female to be shortened to initials, so T. T. Tran.
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    I would use Tien as a first name. I know a Tien at college with me and she's wonderful. So professional, knowledgable, beautiful, intelligent, and Vietnamese. I really like it, spunky, underused, ages well, go for it.
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    You're right. Thank you for your opinion!

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