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    Smile Baby Boy C needs a name :)

    Hi everyone -

    I have a 2 year old daughter named Lillian Violet (we also call her 'Lily') and now I'm looking for a name for her baby brother. I could really use some suggestions/feedback on names for my baby boy (coming Nov 2013)!

    It seems that boys names are so much harder to think of. Here's a draft list of some that my husband and/or I have been considering (of course we don't agree on many!). Our last name starts with a "C" ("s" sound):

    Cameron or Camron

    Thanks for your input on these - as well as any other ideas that you have that may be in the same vein as these (e.g. nothing too common like Michael or Joseph, and nothing too unique)! If you have middle name suggestions that go with them, that's certainly welcome too!

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    My favorite on your list is Dominic. I love the nn Dom, but you could also use Nico as a nn. Then you get to use 2 off your list!

    The other I like is Grant.... Dominic Grant?
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    Grant is my favorite on your list. It is a great fit with Lillian! Chase would be my second pick.

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    I like Grant. Have you thought about Graham?

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    Dominic is my favorite from your list -- love the suggestion of Dominic, nn Nico!
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