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    Agreed with the one m version making me want to say ee-muh rather than Emma. I think pronunciation will be easiest with Emmaline as it's said how it's spelt, but I do prefer the traditional Emmeline the most.

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    Thank you for all these wonderful suggestions! Emmeline Olivia was one of my first thoughts, but the Hus doesn't love that MN. I really like so many of these! Emmeline Charlotte sounds beautiful and Charlotte has always been one of my favorite names, but I wanted something a bit more unique for the FN. I never even thought of it as a MN for Emmeline, but it really sounds lovely.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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    I love Emmeline, that spelling. Emmeline Charlotte is quite cute.

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    I prefer Emmalin, actually. But from you list, Emmeline is my favorite.
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    Emmeline definitely!

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