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Thread: It's a boy!

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    I love the name William, and all time favorite but I especially love that you're using Liam as a nickname and not the given name. I think Liam on its own is a bit incomplete, but Liam as a nn for William is perfect.
    In fact, even though I have about 6 Williams in my extended family, none are Liam and that'd be a great way to use the name in my family. I have so many William relatives but Liam keeps it fresh and distinctive.
    Love the middle name as well, unexpected, quirky but like a hidden gem nestled in the full name.

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    William Balthazar is such a dashingly handsome name! Love it! Congrats on your son!
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    Congrats, what a fun yet classic name!
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    Thank you all for the congrats. We're home now and adjusting to the huge change, but luckily, Liam is a sweetie pie so it's been fairly smooth sailing so far. And my mother's staying with us for a week, which is a big help. Just need to get her out of the habit of calling him Billy... Definitely don't want that nickname to stick!
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    Congratulations on your sweet little boy! William Balthazar is a wonderful name. Balthazar is just so cool!
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