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Thread: Alien babies!

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    Alien babies!

    I watched a documentary about people who believe they've been abducted by aliens, and one man insists that, as well as his 'earth' human wife (who, unsurprisingly chose not to be filmed), he has an alien wife, and has had children with her. And I wondered, what on earth (or beyond) would their names be?

    So, my question is this...If you lived on a different world where all your favourite funky, different, crazy guilty pleasure names were perfectly acceptable, what would you name your children?

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    Ginger, Gabriel, Hannah & Lestat I think.
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    I have no idea! But reading that made me laugh, I really needed that laugh!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lyraslife View Post
    Ginger, Gabriel, Hannah & Lestat I think.
    Hannah is cute! It's my best friend's name

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    Xerxes, Pythagoras and Xios

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