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    My favorite is Elodie! I love this name. I agree with previous posters about the others:

    Emerson -- too boyish with Lila.
    Frances -- too old ladyish... it's a nice name, and I do like the nickname Frankie, but it just doesn't go with Lila.
    Emilia and Maggie -- good names with potential to go with Lila, but I don't think they have the same magic that Elodie has.
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    #1 Elodie
    #2 Maggie

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    Emilia or Elodie, both are lovely
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    Emilia and Maggie are both beautiful! I really don't like Elodie and I detest Emerson. Frances is kind of meh to me, but I don't like Frankie.

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    Emilia, Frances, or Elodie.

    Emerson is too masculine in comparison to girly Lila, while I fear it would be a pain to go through life with only Maggie on the birth certificate (cue in the inevitable "What's it short for?", "It's Margaret, right?", "I give you Judge Maggie Surname").
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