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    Is this too weird?

    I am due very soon with my fourth child, third son. We are struggling to find a name that we like. I prefer names that are very uncommon. If I know of someone with the same name, even if I like it, I won't use it!
    My husband and I both like the name Safari, but I'm starting to think it is just too weird.
    What do you think?
    And other ideas of unusual boys names?

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    First impression: it's a little out there. But if you both really like it, maybe try just thinking of it as the baby's name for a while, to see how it feels. And maybe have a backup name ready in case you don't feel crazy about it after like a month or so. (That is, if you still have a month to think!) It does seem a little risky to choose something so whimsical without some time for the idea to settle in
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    I think it's pretty far "out there". But I guess it also depends on what your other children's names are. If they all have word names or geographic-themed names or something, then why not. But, strictly speaking, Safari isn't a name.

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    Some very good advice I've heard when choosing a name you think may be too weird is to test it out yourself. Since you want to name your son Safari, ask your husband to take the name for a day. Like, tell the barista at Starbucks your name is Safari and see how they react and how your husband feels.

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    I think there's a line between unusual and silly, and Safari is definitely silly.
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