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    Cole Gabriel and Frederick seem like the odd names off of your list other than that your names are lovely and pair so well. Personally I love Ronan and would like it in place of Roman.
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    Thanks, I would love to add Ronan March to the list but hubby wasn't so keen on it- otherwise it is my fav boy name..

    Frederick was just a name i like as i couldn't really find another middle name for Roman. I agree Gabriel also seems to stand out on the list but I love the name.

    Im glad all names are getting a nice reaction makes me feel a bit more confident when the time comes we will be picking a nice name.

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    Freya Scarlett
    Lyra Emerald

    Cormac River/March
    March Ronan/Cormac
    Cole Gabriel
    Roman Bram/Frederick

    I like Freya the best, it's so lovely.

    I aslo like Cormac Marrch
    March Ronan
    and Roman Bram. I like Comrac the best. God luck!
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    Freya is my name! I love, love, love it and am so happy you are (possibly/likely) using. Freya Scarlett is awesome. I like Roman a lot, too. Roman Frederick is nice, maybe even Roman Cole? Good luck!
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