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    Miles would be my choice. Miles Gregory is fantastic. Seth, Eamon, and Miles.

    Other ideas:

    Leo Gregory .. Seth, Eamon, and Leo.
    Arlo Gregory -- Seth, Eamon, and Arlo
    Adam Gregory -- Seth, Eamon, and Adam
    Jared Gregory -- Seth, Eamon, and Jared
    I like simple yet versatile names that work well for the athlete, the comic, the genius, and the judge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beegal686 View Post
    Funny you say that, as I actually liked Rowen but hubby didn't
    We both liked Lachlan but too popular
    I like Asher
    Lachlan is not even in the top 1000 in the U.S. or Canada!
    Miles is great! Have you decided to go with Miles Gregory?
    Oh, I see your post about Bryce.
    Bryce is okay. It is a tad on the trendy side in North America, and is also unisex. That turns me off it a bit.
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    Connor is my fave from your list!

    Some more ideas- Langdon, Maxwell, Winston, Clarkson, & Roman

    I love Archer too!

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    I'm Sierra.
    I write poetry.
    I have no life--just my imagination.

    Winifred, Faye, Adelheid, Agnes, Anne, Eleanor, Hollis, Arthur, Benedict, Finn

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    I love your existing kids' names! Seth and Eamon are both great.

    I'd avoid Hamish because it sounds way too similar to Eamon to me. Miles and Finn are my favorites for you-- Finn especially, I think it goes perfectly with Eamon and Seth.
    College student, bookworm, terrible influence.
    Owner of a cat: Minerva "Minnie"

    Current favorites:
    Odette Cosima Fionnuala Iphigenia Coraline
    Emmett Kieran August Malcolm Zephyr

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