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    Maggie; thanks, I think Zenobia and Aphrodite are gorgeous too. And I'm glad you like Bellicent!

    Gigi; yay, I love love love Circe too! And you're right about Isolde. I think it's more suitable as a middle though, as people don't always pronounce it the way I like over here. Thank you!

    Clocks; I will update later today, we did a narrowing down and added some last night. And thanks for your new comments, they are appreciated!
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    Oh, yay, an Otter list!

    Don't mind if I do obnoxiously comment right before an update.

    Atalanta - Love, love, love it. It's been one of my favorites since I was a little girl. I love how it makes me think of running; it's got a unique sort of fun and airy but also strong/athletic feel. I think it goes wonderfully with Aphrodite, despite the unfortunate myth stuff. If you can ignore that, then I say go for it.
    Belphoebe - LOVE IT. I'm a sucker for PH sounds. And the Faerie Queene character is just so excellent, and such a nice contrast to Aphrodite...this one feels perfect.
    Cleopatra - I agree that it would take a very specific person to pull it off, but it goes wonderfully with Aphrodite and I love nn Cleo.
    Gwenllian - Hehe. I will always support the Gwen- names. I really like having my name.
    Hermione - Hmmm. On the fence about this one. I think the sound is a bit clunky next to elegant Aphrodite.
    Hypatia - Looooooooove. My all-time favorite H- name. Such a cool namesake, too.
    Lyonesse - I think people would lump this one in with God'Iss and Princess and their trendy ilk.
    Nimue - Like. Cute and watery.
    Ourania - Sigh. I love it, too. I think it loses some of its luster without the U, though. Maybe as a middle?
    Pandeia/Pandia - Nice, but I'll always be Team Pandora. I like O's.
    Zenobia - Really loving this one all of a sudden. Would be a fantastic...foil? counterpart? complement? to Aphrodite.
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    I just have to chime in to say that I LOVE Belphoebe with Aphrodite. Hypatia and Zenobia also compliment and stand up to the fierce awesomeness that is Aphrodite.
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    Can't wait for the update! On the boys' list too, I hope?
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    On both of them, m'dear! Will do it when Roo's gone to bed and the house is oh! so quiet...

    Gwen; sorry, didn't see your reply! Thanks so much for your comments, I'm so glad you like Atalanta! I might have to put her as a middle, but will use it somehow someday.

    And Danni, thanks for your opinions, Belphoebe is a favourite of mine...
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