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    Ren; yes, Ceri! Dude, look how dumb I am... thanks, sweetie ! Yeah, I think Jezebel's usable here, but something feels off. Besides, she would rule out Belphoebe & Bellicent, and I can't have that! And MIL would probably tear her hair out.

    Saracita; Yay! Winnie is adorable isn't it? I love Ceridwen so much, I am hoping he will come around. He just hates the rid part of it.

    Aurora; Better late than never! Gwenllian is pronounced gwen-LHEE-an. The dude on forvo is way off. To pronounce Welsh double l's put your tongue behind your upper teeth and try to say LH. That should be about correct ! Thanks for your top five, lovely. I think we're taking Hermione off, at least as a first name. But I'm not quite sure yet. I actually have Circe and Tinuviel in one of my favourite combos together; Circe Ophelia/Olwen Tinuviel. Polyhymnia might be put back on actually, I have a feeling this little one could be a Polly. And I love the name, so gorgeous and fun! But we'll see... Thank you so much for all your comments!

    Shealatoba; thanks!

    Lex; yay! I think they sound nice together!

    Bonfire; Thanks for all your comments! You don't like Morgana? Hmm... I love her. Isolde is the beautiful princess in the medieval romance Tristan & Isolde. Tristan was sent by his uncle to Ireland to carry the beautiful Isolde over the seas to him to be his queen. Instead she & Tristan fell in love and tragedy befell.

    We (I) are doing an edit today, so will update later.
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    I think I have fallen in love with Bellicent - it's gorgeous.

    I also love Ceridwen (I'm a quarter Welsh and this is found in my family tree).

    Hermione and Zenobia are charming too. I love Aphrodite and Zenobia together.
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    Circe- This is always such an enchanting name. I think Circe and Aphrodite make for a stunning sibset.
    Hermione-I will say that hearing Hermione pronounced in toddler speak is utterly adorable. Mia can't say Gemma but she can say Hermione. She sort of screams it though lol. I also like the Greek connection. Aphrodite and Hermione would also work as sisters.

    I'm not sure I love Aphrodite and Isolde as sisters, but I do think Isolde is a lovely name, and for what it's worth I think she was more than just a pretty face. Their story was tragic, but the love was real and it was admirable that they tried to do the honorable thing but life gets complicated. I think they were merely cursed by their time, but blessed to have loved each other at all.
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    When will you post Attempt No. 3? Hope soon.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I will do update. I think I change my mind about some names.

    The one deleted are disliked.

    Atalanta - like
    Bellicent - it's OK, but there's much better names on your list
    Belphoebe - lovely
    Bradamante - my favorite, it so romantic and evokes strength and has medieval feel
    Ceridwen - it's one of my faves
    Circe - too short, but lovely
    Cleopatra - over-the-top, but still lovely
    Gwenllian - it's OK
    Hermione - lovely
    Hypatia - it's OK, but there's much better names on your list
    Isolde - lovely, one of my faves
    Morgana - one of my faves
    Musidora - it's lovely, even if it's not a name
    Nimue - one of my faves
    Olympia - it's OK
    Serafina - lovely, but there are lovelier names on your list
    Sunniva - lovely
    Zenobia - it's OK

    Aradia - prefer Arcadia
    Brigid - lovely
    Daphne - lovely
    Eos - lovely
    Eowyn - lovely
    Idunn - it's OK
    Isis - lovely
    Jasmine - OK
    Lamia - love the sound
    Liriope - like the sound
    Noor - lovely
    Olwen - it's OK
    Ophelia - it's nice
    Phoebe - prefer Belphoebe
    Psyche - lovely and love the myth
    Sybilla - love medieval feel
    Yvaine - lovely
    Zephyrine lovely
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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