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    It doesn't pay to come late to the party; you have to do a lot of reading if you don't want to miss anything! There are some beautiful names here. I'll try to do what I did over on the boys' thread--pick a Top Five and some runners-up.

    Belphoebe--A lovely name which pairs well with Aphrodite. When I first encountered it, it seemed a bit extraneous next to just Phoebe, but it's grown on me. If the A-B initials don't make you feel bound to a theme, I don't suppose the matching E-endings would either.

    Ceridwen--this seems perfect since you were saving it for a winter daughter. Ceridwen nn Winnie would be so cute! I don't think the major-deity theme is very obvious, since Ceridwen is lesser-known than Aphrodite. I hope your husband comes on board...

    Circe--this should definitely be a contender, you've loved her so long. There's the matching E-endings and the Greek theme, but their myths don't clash, and Circe's spunk holds up nicely to Aphrodite's powerful image in spite of the uneven lengths.

    Hermione--Greek again, but holds her own beautifully with Aphrodite. Hermione Granger is a good association if you're a HP fan (I know you are!), but she has perhaps made people lose sight of Hermione's other associations. Hermione feels much more "popular" than Aphrodite because of her.

    Tinuviel--I'm with augusta_lee; how can I not love this name? The story of Beren and Luthien is one of Tolkien's loveliest. Tinuviel is gorgeous in every way, though definitely a twilight name--no sunshine. Personally I'd use it as a middle, but I'd be thrilled to see you use it as a first.

    Runners-up would be Atalanta, Gwenllian (how are you pronouncing this? I checked it on Forvo and it sounds something like gwen-shee-AHN. That Welsh double-L can be very tricky), Bradamante, Cleopatra (personally I don't like this one, though I do like Clio/Cleo, but I think it works for you), Isolde and Morgana.

    I'm mildly surprised that you adore Jezebel but dislike Jael. Talk of strong women...! I know an elderly gentleman who named his daughter Jael Ann, admiring the grit and strength of this Bible lady. Sorry, I'm with the majority on Jezebel. She really was bad, but even if you disagree, the name has a lot of baggage (though maybe not as much anymore in Britain?)

    I'm enjoying seeing Elbereth and Eowyn on your middles list, and Silmarien makes me think of The Silmarillion (a potential problem?) I also adore Loveday. A name I'd also love in the middle, which I see as similar to Loveday, is Fairlight.

    Best wishes!
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    Oh, and I meant to mention I'm sorry to see Polyhymnia is no longer on the lists! It seems she wasn't getting much love in the forums, so here's a bit from me. She's over-the-top, I know, but I love her anyway. Polyhymnia is so much fun to say--it falls all over itself, it's so eager, sunny and energetic. I like the association with Madeleine L'Engle's novels. And it comes with sweet, down-to-earth nn Polly built right in--or maybe Mia, if Polly's not your style. Seems it's off the table, and that's probably for the best , but I do love it too.
    "He telleth the number of the stars; He calleth them all by their names."
    Psalm 147:4

    Still dreaming:
    Tobias Rory Benjamin ~ Crispin Isaiah ~ Ransom Horatio ~ Lucius Olórin ~ James Deliverance
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    I love Cleopatra to go with big sisters name Aphrodite. Sunniva sounds nice too, but I do t know if it creates the same feel as Aphrodite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Lex; Thanks for the categories! And the comments. I agree with you about Lysie. I might have to take her off. As for Cleopatra, I think Zenobia, Isis and Circe all could fit as sisters, don't you?
    Oooo I do like Aphrodite, Cleopatra and Zenobia!
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    Really, really late to the party but just wanted to chime in with my thoughts on your list Gorgeous names in general as always, Ottilie!

    Atalanta- I've been really loving this since I (finally) finished reading Twelfth Night- the references to her are beautiful. I like the spunky, familiar-yet-different sound, feminine and elegant but no-nonsense and strong
    Befana- sounds like an evil sorceress, not very kind
    Bellicent- nice but not very girly, I like the Arthurian romance connection
    Belphoebe- beautiful! like Atalanta, it's rare but the Phoebe part makes it much more approachable. medieval, magical and otherworldly
    Bradamante- heavy but charming in an old-lady sort of way
    Ceridwen- I know how much you love this... I wasn't a fan originally but seeing how much you love it has definitely changed my tune. wintry, nature-y and fairylike
    Cleopatra- another name that would be hard to pull off and one of the few that are too far out there even for me, but given you have an Aphrodite I can't see that problem applying to you. strong, gorgeous, don't-mess-with-me name that can totally hold its own next to Aphrodite
    Gwenllian- never heard of this, but sounds pretty and dreamlike. Nice reference with the Welsh princess
    Hermione- it does have a cool sound, and goes well with Aphrodite, but I can't help thinking of Harry Potter even though I'm one of the few people I know who's never read it
    Hypatia- great name, soft and approachable sound, wonderful story behind it
    Isolde- I don't know the legend, but the name has a beautiful sound and medieval vibe
    Jezebel- The woman in the Bible totally turns me off, sorry
    Lyonesse- just sounds like "lioness" mispronounced to me
    Lysistrata- it's a mouthful, but I actually love this name. modern-sounding and lyrical
    Morgana- nice sound, and I like the idea of using an Arthurian name but I didn't really like her character
    Musidora- a bit too whimsical and lighthearted for me, a bit flimsy
    Nimue- pretty name, but not very feminine compared to Aphrodite, and I kind of want to see a longer name. I'd love to see it in the middle though
    Olympia- maybe too themey with Aphrodite, but I do love it and it would actually be a cool theme (not cheesy or tacky at all)
    Ourania- not a fan, sorry
    Pandeia/Pandia- reminds me of a misspelling of panda, not a fan
    Serafina- pretty and girly, but seems almost too normal for an Otter baby
    Sunniva- not sure why but never liked this
    Tinuviel- dreamy and fanciful, but also doesn't sound very feminine
    Xenia- nice, but I could see definite pronunciation issues
    Zenobia- pretty sound, I like the queen reference, and goes very well with Aphrodite

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