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    Finally had a moment to look over the girls!

    Atalanta - Pretty name, but I wouldn't use it for a sister of Aphrodite.
    Befana - No. Just makes me think of wrinkles!
    Bellicent - Not really a fan.
    Belphoebe - I feel like I should like this name, since I love Phoebe and Belle on their own, but smushed together, the name feels awkward to me. Kinda neutral about it.
    Bradamante - No.
    Ceridwen - "Goddess of poetry" is a wonderful connection and goes well with "goddess of love" Aphrodite, but something prevents me from loving it. I'm not sure why.
    Circe - Love it! But paired with Aphrodite, I'm not sure about another Greek name that ends with "e". (Then again, I could easily name ten daughters Zoe, Penelope, Daphne, Phoebe, Chrysanthe, Ariadne, Calliope, Hermione, Selene, and Danae, and have several more favorites to spare, so who am I to say anthing?)
    Cleopatra - Very bold choice, but awesome with Aphrodite! And Cleo is such cute nickname! Cleopatra seems more like a summer name to me, though.
    Gwenllian - Not my favorite "Gwen" name, but it's okay.
    Hermione - Same concern with Circe about the match-y "e" ending, but still love it for you due to the mythological and Shakespearean connections.
    Hypatia - Seems more middle material.
    Isolde - Seems perfect for a winter baby, since it means "ice ruler"!
    Jezebel - A GP of mine because of the sound, but not useable in the real world for all the reasons other posters have already mentioned.
    Lyonesse - Would work better in the middle, I think. I'm kinda digging the idea of Zenobia (Blank) Lyonesse.
    Lysistrata - Yeah, a little out there. I don't hate it, but I don't really like it, either.
    Morgana - LOVE! I have the combo Elizabeth Morgana on my list for a future daughter, but she would make a beautiful first name, too, and a great sister for Aphrodite.
    Musidora - Like it, don't love it.
    Nimue - Like more as a middle name.
    Olympia - No, I don't think it's too much with Aphrodite. Olympia and Aphrodite make an adorable sibset! One of my favorites.
    Ourania - Terrible idea.
    Pandeia/Pandia - Panda and Roo would be so cute for sisters! But I think I actually prefer Pandora.
    Serafina - Love, love, love Seraphina! (In my top 10) Spelling it with an "f" does lesson the similarity to Aphrodite, but the sound is still there, so I don't know... My favorite on your list, but not as a sister to Aphrodite. Maybe middle?
    Sunniva - Like better in the middle.
    Tinuviel - A bit too "fantasy" to work as a first name, but it has a similar vibe to Illyria, so it might work in the middle. Morgana (Blank) Tinuviel? Oo, that's pretty!
    Xenia - Awesome! Would go really well with Aphrodite.
    Zenobia - This is probably my top pick for Aphrodite's sister. Gorgeous!

    Favorites for a first name: Zenobia, Morgana, Isolde, Cleopatra, Olympia, Xenia, Hermione, Circe, Serafina, Pandora/Pandeia/Pandia

    Would move into middle contention: Hypatia, Lyonesse, Nimue, Sunniva, Tinuviel, Serafina (yeah, I'm listing her twice)

    Neutral: Belphoebe, Ceridwen, Gwenllian, Lysistrata, Musidora

    Would scratch off the list: Atalanta, Befana, Bellicent, Bradamente, Jezebel, Ourania

    As for suggestions, it's not an O or U name, but I've always thought Artemisia was your style, and Artemisia Gentileschi would be a great strong female namesake!
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    I'm totally sold on the sound of Aphrodite and Pandeia as sisters. I tried saying all the other names together and that pairing sort of set off lights in my head. So... yes. That's my input! Lol.
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    This is my first post in a long, long while, but I wanted to say that another member suggested Zenobia _____ Lyonesse, and I second that and want to add I think you should consider Zenobia Morgana Lyonesse. I love the Z and A first names, and the two middles names both starting with M, which are both not common but definitely heard of...the whole combo just seems to pair well with your daughter's name. I also think you should reconsider Zephyrine as a first name - how awesome to meet sisters named Aphrodite and Zephyrine! (And I quite like the nn Zip with Roo!) I have five children of my own, and I grew a bit more daring when naming each all accounts you have started off at the top - bravo! And good luck!

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    Late to the party, but I had to comment on those I like.

    Belphoebe - If I don't read a birth announcement for this name soon, I'm going to have ruptured blood vessels. -_- Also, I think this is *perfect* with Aphrodite.
    Circe - Also gorgeous, also a great fit. The world needs a little Circe.
    Cleopatra - Love it, but I think it might be overkill somehow
    Xenia - Love it with Aphrodite
    Zenobia - Another extremely awesome name, great fit as well

    Middle name options:
    Loving Belphoebe Selene, Circe Gisele, Xenia Elaine and Zenobia Isis

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    So sooooo much love for Atalanta and Morgana. (Irrelevant: I was forced to read Howard Pyle's four King Arthur books as a five year old, and hated it, but have had a name-crush on Morgana ever since.) My mind also skips right over from Xenia to Xena, mostly because Xena was my childhood and remains my guiltiest of guilty pleasure names. Sorry I don't have any useful suggestions, your names have such epic-ness behind them, it's hard to come up with ones that measure up! My favorite kinda girly but still tough names are Decima and Seneca. I like Giaconda for the art connection. But yeah, those don't quite have as much badassery attached to them as Morgana. And from your middle name options, my faves are Clemency, Isis, Noor, Selene and Ursula.

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