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    I already commented on your list, but totally neglected to suggest additions. Not all of these pair perfectly with Aphrodite, but I think they're all within your wheelhouse.


    Matilda Sailor or Faye Matilda | Sylvie Winifred or Simon Atlas | Atlas Dov or Alice Violetta | Lucien Wilde or Lucinda Jane | Jane Lucinda or Jack Marlowe | Marlowe Charles or Roscoe Thomas | Charles ' Charlie' Wallace or Marigold 'Maggie' Wynn | Eloise Lily or Elliot Darwin | Iris Cordelia or Thea Marina | Jasper Augustus or Juniper 'June' Lovelace | Julian Felix or Judah 'Jude' Reeve

    Just a grad student dreaming ahead...

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    Ooooh, so excited to get my hands on the new list! ^_^ I'm like a chocoholic in a candy store.

    Atalanta – You've loved this one since day one, so I really want to make her happen for you…Are she and Aphrodite at odds in the myth? If so, this one would likely only work as a middle :-/ Built-in sibling rivalry is definitely grounds for some veto points.
    Befana - the witchiness IS alluring…but the fact that this witch is personified as an ugly old woman rather negates that allure. When you Google Aphrodite, you get images of unearthly beautiful women. When you Google Befana, you get images of humpbacked hags on the broomstick version of Santa's sleigh. I just don't think they can work together.
    Bellicent – If it's a choice between this and Belphoebe…sorry, Bellicent, the Faerie Queene wins hands down
    Belphoebe – If we're going to make an exception to Mr. Otter's "no ph sounds" rule, this is the name for which we do it. Power, beauty, magic, mystery…she holds her own beside Aphrodite and the softer sounds only highlight the strength beneath.
    Bradamante – Not on board with this one…I picture Brienne, who is a fascinating character, but next to Aphrodite…? Ouch. I guess what I'm trying to say is that there is a line between a strong powerful name, and a name that reads as mannish. What would you nickname her? BradAdamMan…all the parts of this name add up to something too masculine to work next to the ethereal vision of big sister's goddessy moniker.
    Ceridwen – I do so love Ceridwen for you, and I think she holds her own next to Aphrodite. Ceridwen is not as well known as Aphrodite, and she is also from a different pantheon, so the deity theme isn't *too* obvious. Now if only we can get Mr. O on board.
    Circe – Bold, fearless, and bewitching, with a cloak of shadowy allure…love it. Does your man consider this one to be a clear-cut name?
    Cleopatra – This is one of my favorite ideas yet! She's exactly the sort of ballsy choice that Aphrodite was. They are equals in power and beauty and feminine mystique, and yet they're such very different characters, each with her own strength and energy. I'm seriously cuckoo for cocopuffs over Cleopatra. Way to go, Mr. O!!
    Gwenllian – Gwenllian is everything I wanted Bradamante to be: a beautiful, powerful, fearless warrior woman complete with feminine grace and charm. A female Robin Hood. Her name is willowy and sweet, her legend is epic and inspiring. What's not to love?
    HermioneHermione is cute. Since the advent of Harry Potter, she's been so popularized by the character that it's difficult, nigh impossible, for her to stand alone on her own merits. I think you have more interesting choices.
    Hypatia – I love her story, her education and philosophy, astronomy and mathematics, unheard of in that day and age…but not her name. I'm just not one of those people who can love an uncomfortable name for the namesake alone. There's also the menstrual rags legend, which is rather icky.
    Isolde – I deeply prefer Yseult...perhaps since Isolde isn't your strongest choice, we can use this variant and move her to the middle?
    Jezebel – I'm sorry, lovie, but I don't think you can use Jezebel any more than you can use Lucifer (which I think is beautiful). Historically, she was just a Persian queen, but people don't think of her in simple historical terms, they think of the Biblical character. While that character's death was horrific and is often justified for all the wrong reasons, she was not innocent…aside from slaughtering prophets and instigating a religious war, she had her own subjects murdered just so her husband wanted their vineyard. Even aside from the controversial parts of her story, the name Jezebel has transcended the specific character and become slang for wicked, jealous, trashy, and/or morally loose women, and more specifically, a prostitute. Regardless of whether we think the name needs to be reclaimed from all these negative associations, they still exist, and that's a harsh reality to bestow on a child. There is even some debate about the meaning of the name itself, ranging from "joy of Bael" to "not exalted" to "island of dung" O.o
    Lyonesse – I love this name! I think the lioness association only enhances the epicness. How attached are you to Leonidas? Because I think this would be one of those "one or the other" situations.
    Lysistrata – I don't think it's too out there, but the hissiness throws me off.
    Morgana – I do have mad love for Morgana. Although I lean towards Circe just a wee bit, if we're choosing between the two.
    Musidora – It's true, this doesn't have any historical or mythological namesake, which is obviously important to you and mister. She'd make a gorgeous middle name though, especially paired with something like Amoret.
    Nimue – Squee! Vastly prefer her to Niniane…I just love the open sound on the end. Such an evocative magical name! I'm happy to see her on The List.
    Olympia – A bit themey with Aphrodite, but I know how you love your O names
    Ourania – Such an unfortunate combo of sounds…there's far too much teasing potential to make this usable. Orania I can see faring better, but it's still not ideal. Oriana? Oriel? Orane? Orinthia?
    Pandeia/Pandia – Panda and Roo and Otter, a veritable menagerie ^_^ I actually prefer Pandora over these two. Being in a sibset with Aphrodite takes the bite out of Pandora's myth…after all, she didn't mean to release evil onto the world…she was just curious
    Serafina – I adore Serafina Pekkala, and I have been working and working on my husband trying to get him to change his mind and allow me this or a variant. I love the meaning, ardent and fiery, and the association with angels. I'm not sure how I feel about Aphrodite and Serafina as a sibset. I'll have to think on it.
    Sunniva – I like the connection with your heritage, but this doesn't feel like your strongest choice.
    Tinuviel – I am over the moon for Tinuviel! "Daughter of the starry twilight" has to be the most beautiful meaning of a name I've ever heard. And I think she makes a perfect wintry choice as well…I can just imagine the silvery starlight reflecting off heaps and drifts of snow…
    Xenia – I'm with hubs on this one…Xena the warrior princess.
    Zenobia – She's not my personal favorite, but I know you love her, and aesthetically, she pairs well with Aphrodite.

    To sum up:

    Favorites (top five are bold and in order of preference) – Cleopatra, Belphoebe, Tinuviel, Gwenllian, Pandora, Circe, Nimue, Serafina, Morgana, Lyonesse, Ceridwen

    Like but don't love (or just don’t like the sibset) – Atalanta, Hypatia, Lysistrata, Olympia Sunniva, Zenobia

    Veto Points – Befana, Bellicent (in favor of Belphoebe), Bradamante, Hermione, Isolde (change to Yseult, move to middles), Jezebel, Musidora (move to middles), Ourania, Xenia
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    Narnia Rose, Luna Seraphine, Astoria nn Story, Illyria, Serafina, Soraya, Faerydae
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    Top 5:
    1. Cleopatra - I love the idea of Aphrodite & Cleopatra...they're completely different, but evenly matched in terms of boldness and sparkle.
    2. Zenobia - Adore. Again, this feels well matched in terms of a bold choice, yet user-friendly in terms of pronunciation.
    3. Olympia - Maybe a little theme-y, but I do like Olympia quite a bit, and she definitely glitters.
    4. Atalanta - I love and story....but I agree, it's a little theme-y as Aphrodite plays a role in the same myth. I don't think that's enough to rule her out though.
    5. Circe - Lovely, but part of me wants an equally adorable nickname as Roo (or are you calling her Dita now? Or both?)

    I know you must be one overwhelmed mama right now, but I do love getting to see your name choices again so soon.
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    Such wonderful names! Here are my opinions...

    Atalanta - Well, she doesn't make her sister's namesake look all that great
    Befana - this doesn't feel romantic enough
    Bellicent - This exudes strength and romanticism to me.
    Belphoebe - I find it hard not to be enamored by this name and its wonderful namesake. Yet, while I like it quite a bit, but it's not my favorite next to Aphrodite.
    Bradamante - The strength of this stands up well to Aphrodite, but the name just doesn't feel very feminine
    Ceridwen - Love it. Very different from Aphrodite, but I think this helps open you up for future babies
    Circe - Beautiful names, but I do think there are others on your list that are both stronger and more romantic
    Cleopatra - This stands up so, so well to Aphrodite! Almost too perfect to pass up.
    Hermione - I love that it's both Shakespearean and mythological, but it just doesn't excite me.
    Hypatia - Absolutely yes! So incredible on all fronts.
    Isolde - Oh how I adore this name - both in the Isolde and Iseult form. I do understand your reservations though and for this reason she may be better fit for the middle. Oh, and what a wonderful middle she'd make!
    Jezebel - Eh. She does work well with Aphrodite, but I"ve known so many feline Jezebels...
    Lyonesse - It's wonderful, but it just feels more like a middle name to me. Is that weird?
    Lysistrata - Oh how I love to see this name! I remember taking a course with a unit on Aristophanes back in college - Lysistrata was the play I presented on. Thanks for bringing back those fond memories! Obviously I love it - she's definitely fabulous next to Aphrodite
    Morgana - Hauntingly beautiful, absolutely no question about it. I just don't know if I love her as a little sister for miss Roo
    Musidora - Not magnificent enough, imo
    Nimue - A pit soft next to the all powerful Aphrodite. Definitely pretty though
    Olympia - It's just a bit too literal. Could be a nice mirror to Illyria in the middle?
    Ourania - I too find the sound pretty, but there's just nothing pushing it over the edge into magnificence for me
    Pandeia/Pandia - Prefer Pandeia of the two, but I prefer others on your list to both of them
    Serafina - beautiful, but she just doesn't feel that special
    Sunniva - I really want to endorse this more fully, but I do think you need something a bit more singular
    Tinuviel - Love the meaning, but she doesn't have the same strength that Aphrodite and many others on your list have.
    Xenia - Pretty, but falls a bit flat next to your other names
    Zenobia - Absolutely fabulous. I picture a ridiculously smart little girl who is constantly dressing up in some extravagant, wonderfully put together costume.

    My absolute favorites are Ceridwen, Cleopatra, Hypatia, Lysistrata, and Zenobia, with an honorable mention to Bellicent.
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    I am in love with Jezebel for you, she's the perfect sister for Aphrodite. Hypatia, Cleopatra and Gwenllian are also ridiculously cool.

    Argh, had to edit after I realised this isn't just a fantasy thread (it's been a loong day and I'm a fool): huge congrats and internet hugs!
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