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    **Ceridwen- If boyfriend comes around to it, this is my absolute favorite option. I gave out 5 stars but Ceridwen got 2 of them, lol.
    Cleopatra- Interesting! I actually really really like the idea of this. Cleo and Roo! Ahh, how sweet.
    *Gwenllian- Love this one. Bold and beautiful and perfect. Little Gwen <3
    *Hermione- I must say, I think she really works well for you with Shakespeare connection and all. And that Granger girl is the best.
    Isolde- She was beautiful and… Loyal? I really do like this choice for you, but if she isn't all you're looking for then at least keep as a middle.
    Nimue- It is cute, but maybe doesn’t hold her own. I personally prefer it as a middle.
    Olympia- I think this is a cute, and more subtle connection. But I guess it might be strange if siblings have Immortal names and Miss Ollie was a place?
    Pandia- I don’t personally love it, but it’s better than Pandora in the sibset.
    Serafina- On the fence about this one too, it’s lovely, but maybe not enough.
    Tinuviel- So beautiful, I really love it. But (I hate to say) maybe this one is too much? How about as a mn in the Illyria spot?
    *Zenobia- Oh, how I love this one. Exotic and definitely matches your strong woman vibe. My second favorite =]

    I can't say that I found a good argument for keeping any of the others, a lot of their sounds just seem too harsh for me. But on the bright side, these ladies do seem a lot easier to narrow down. I think it's because you have a bit more potential wiggle room for a boy, but another girl name has to be exactly perfect. Sorry I'm so much more thorough with the boys' lists, haha... I tried! =]
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    My favorites from your list:

    Belphoebe (love the literary connections here)
    Isolde (yes, she was beautiful, but also faithful and brave)
    Hermione (Not just HP-- also Shakespeare)
    Nimue (love the story with this one, and think it's so wearable)
    Tinuviel (so beautiful!)

    I'm not very good at recommendations. You have so many great names already. I'm sure someone else mentioned Antigone, which is one of my favorites. What about: Florimell or Alma? And this might be really silly, but as an alternative to Cleopatra, there's both Cleophila and Philoclea in The Old Arcadia. I've always loved those names.

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    I like these names for Aphrodite's sister. My faves are in BOLD.


    The only name I would discourage anyone from choosing is Jezebel. It just comes with too much baggage. It's not just the Biblical story but the name is synonymous for a "wicked, shameless woman". Not appropriate qualities to wish for any child. People may not know the Biblical story but they know the term "Jezebel" and it doesn't have a positive perception. Her death wasn't pretty either.

    I like these for the middle spot:

    Berenice, Brigid, Constance, Cressida, Cyrene, Daphne, Elaine, Giselle, Isis, Jasmine, Loveday, Nephele, Niamh, Noor, Olwen, Ophelia, Phoebe, Selene, Signe, Sybilla, Ursula, Vanessa, Villanelle, Yvaine and Zephyrine.
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    Your lists, both boys and girls, are just stunning! My favorites from this one are Atalanta, Serafina, isolde and Zenobia. I am Syrian and visited the ruins of the city Zenobia ruled when I was 16. The ruins in Syria are not roped off and institutionalized the way they are elsewhere and are not heavily frequented by tourists. That means they are not immaculately restored and maintained by teams of professionals, but the upside is one can roam alone through the columns, press up against cool castle walls, and climb chunks of rubble unsupervised. It was amazing to walk the dusty paths and imagine the city as Zenobia saw it. I have been enamored with the the name since then. That was 16 years ago. I would LOVE to meet a little girl named Zenobia and I think it's eminently wearable with all of the the nn possibilities. Zen and Roo are so cute!
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    I do so love your naming style. I am trying to put a lot of thought and feeling into my comments.

    Belphoebe - This is a beautiful name! I think the soft sound ph adds to its magic
    Ceridwen - This name feels like a winter name; snowy, white; ethereal
    Circe - "the loveliest of all immortals" - oh yes! beautiful, seductive - Aphrodite's equal for sure
    Cleopatra -Tell Mr Otter I love it! out there? yes! Unusual? yes! A woman who knew how to live and succeed in a man's world? yes!
    Lyonesse - Pronounced correctly - stunning; as an American, All I can hear is being turned into lioness.
    Morgana - A velvet cape in the girl's list! I am so excited. I love the name Morgana. It feels velvety and cool at the same time, like satin warmed by the skin.
    Nimue - I like the Lady of the Lake but it seems a little light and watery for a winter girl
    Serafina - Secret love of mine!
    Zenobia - Awesome beautiful name as well. Aphrodite and Zenobia sound so cool together.

    My top three:

    Morgana - Rainier's feminine side; Sleek, beautiful with just a hint of the passion and magic inside. Morgana wears Mr Otter's cape as well as any of the men.
    Ceriwen - Something about this name sings to me, much more open with her magic than Morgana
    Circe/Cleopatra - Circe is Aphrodite's equal. I love the sound and feel but is she too much like Aphrodite? Cleopatra - Strong woman, strong name, oddly lacking in any color/feeling to me.

    As much as I love Morgana, I can't help be tempted by Ceridwen. Morgana's cloak is closed, but Ceridwen's is open and welcoming.

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