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    Love Circe and Seraphina! Both are unique but very beautiful!
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    Round 2. Same as with the boys

    Bellicent - Oooh, kind of like a whisper. Keep because it fits in well. Bellicent is magical and dainty.
    Belphoebe - Really like next to Aphrodite! The 'ph' sounds are clean and separate enough for me! And two 'ph' names would be a lovely connection for gals born so close together. Belphoebe is big, bright and bubbly!
    Ceridwen - Lovely lovely lovely. Like Romulus in the boys- it's different from Aphrodite but works so well. Ceridwen is woodland rainfall.
    Circe - Despite looking small next to big sis Aphrodite, she's all 'Look here, Dita, move over! I'm just as strong and magic and beautiful as you'. Yes. I like her. Circe is sassy.
    Cleopatra - You know, I can actually see it working with Aphrodite. It's not my favourite, but it works. Cleopatra is milk.
    Gwenllian - ditto Ceridwen. These are some kick ass Welsh names! Gwenllian is mysterious damp forests.
    Hermione - Love her with Aphrodite. They totally compliment each other. Also has the same feel as Algernon- aristocratic chic. And I know you'll associate her with mythology but Hermione, to me, is still the heroine of HP who didn't take sh!t from anyone. Hermione is brave and loyal.
    Morgana - ditto the Welsh girls- different but good. Morgana is dark, stormy seas.
    Musidora - I quite like. She does fit well. Musidora is white cotton and babies.
    Serafina - More Fs with Aphrodite but I reckon they go well together. Serafina is fire.
    Sunniva - Like. It's a little mismatched with Aphrodite but I won't shelve it. Sunniva is sunshine!
    Tinuviel - Yes, she works well. I love the mystical-ness of her. Very dark and interesting. Someone somewhere else once commented that it reminded them of Cornwall. I agree, but can't pinpoint why. Tinuviel is sea shells.
    Zenobia - Love it next to Roo! And in mediaeval England, Zenobia named a Cornishwoman. For some reason it was massively popular here, so there's a tenuous Cornish link for you! Zenobia is citrus fresh.

    Atalanta - American. I know it's not spelt the same, but I think of Atlanta. So many As and Ts and I just don't think it sits right with Aphrodite.
    Befana - Kind of alluring, mostly baffling. A lot of 'f' with Aphrodite.
    Bradamante - I can see the charm, but... Adam Ant. PRINCE CHARMING! Hehe
    Hypatia - Hyper impatient. I just don't like her with Roo's name.
    Isolde - Cold and clunky.
    Jezebel - But I thought you didn't like anything biblical because you're not Christian? Anyhow, I don't think she's right with Aphrodite. And the beginning is a little too close to 'jis' :/
    Lyonesse - She'd make such a fantastic middle and I love the story (you can still hear the Lyonesse bells ringing on a stormy night!) but I still think of the female animal.
    Lysistrata - Yes, a little too out there unfortunately. Can't imagine a little one trying to say or write this!
    Ourania - Is it just a terrible idea? Maybe just a bit. You have much more beautiful names on your list!
    Nimue - Another one for the middles. She's too soft and squidgy and demure next to Aphrodite.
    Olympia - Perhaps it's too much, but I personally don't think it's very attractive, possibly because of the 'limp' in it.
    Pandeia/Pandia - I think I preferred Pandora.
    Xenia - Very different from Aphrodite in my eyes. And I have a bad pop association with Xenia.

    Aaaaand my favourite little sisters for Roo would be Belphoebe, Ceridwen, Gwenllian, Hermione and Zenobia. 5 more babies please
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    Fabulous list! Morgana Phoebe Olwen was my first thought, but I also love the idea of Zenobia Phoebe Olwen. Aphrodite and Zenobia? What an awesome pair!

    My suggestions: Cliona (or its original mythological spelling, Cliodhna), Rhiannon, Bellona, Ceres, Pyrrha, Elpis (the personification of hope- the last spirit to remain in the jar after it was opened by Pandora) and Terpsichore.
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    Our styles are totally different, but I can't help loving Aphrodite. Off of your list, I really love Hermoine with Aphrodite. It's strong and brave, and the sounds are complimentary without being super similar.
    And even though you aren't looking for combos, I couldn't help but swooning at Hermione Eowyn Sybilla.

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    Belphoebe - I love this name, but H is hesitant because it's a "soft" name (ph-sound). We haven't ruled it out completely though, as I am so in love with it. Beautiful amazing girl in The Faerie Queene who hid/lived in the forest...
    Circe - One of my favourite names ever, maybe my favourite character in Greek mythology. Odysseus described her as "the loveliest of all immortals" which I think can hold up well to Roo's name.
    Gwenllian - Amazing Welsh princess who led her people in battle.
    Isolde - I love this name, and she's got the beauty thing Aphrodite's got. My only thing is... she was beautiful, but what else?
    Nimue - After much ado, we decided Niniane might be a minefield. So Nimue it is. Lady of the lake, guardian of the sword and it's cute as a button.
    Serafina - Husband's suggestion. I like the meaning, and the witch in Northern Lights is cool.
    Sunniva - Would be a way to incorporate my Norwegian blood. But I know some little Sunniva's... not direct friends, but still.

    Isana (ih SAW nuh)
    Sirenee (sear renee) << like Cyrene?
    Merida << I know this is a Disney princess but she is strong and brave and independent and it was actually the first name that came to mind when I saw that your other daughter is Aphrodite
    Esmeralda << see Merida but I love the nickname Esme
    Acadia nn Cadie << close to Aradia
    Marieken (muh REE kin)
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