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    Five pages, wow. I'll do a big blanket thanks to the ones I really don't need to comment back to:

    Flamingo, Whisk me away, Sheildsc, Pardalote, Northern Lights, Sarah, Emekct, Vch23, Mischa (thanks for the J-bel warning): Thank you all so much for your help!

    Mrs Anton; Thanks, and I do love Ariadne, but she was considered and nixed.

    Mbrow222; I like Antigone, but one of our closest friend-couples have a daughter by this name. Hecate would rule out Hespera which we are saving for a summer/autumn babe. The others have all been considered and dropped at some point. Thanks though!

    Lonestar; we go back and forth between Pandora and Pandeia.

    C&P; I love your comments! Circe is sassy isn’t she? And I think she completely holds her own. And I love Zenobia too… the Cornish association is just an amazing extra point in her favour! Thanks so much for all your comments, you’re for the most spot on.

    Namelover77; yes, I think A & Z would make a good pair! I like Rhiannon of your suggestions, but as much as I love it I keep hearing the Fleetwood Mac song.

    Athena; Hermione Eowyn Sybilla is very pretty

    Shanade; I had Roxana on my previous list, but we dropped it. I also like Lorelei, but it’s too siren-y for me.

    Ellenelle; Thanks for your thoughtful comments! It’s appreciated.

    Aurra; Thanks for picking out your favourites, and let’s see… I do like Calypso but acquaintance with baby by this name, Electra (H doesn’t like the myth),
    Chione (on my middle list), Andromeda (but prefer Perseus which is on my boy list) and Astraea. Thanks!

    McLola; Thanks for picking out your favourites and commenting! I love the double s’s in Circe too…

    Author in writing; thanks for the comments, very helpful! I don’t mind the HP reference with Hermione.

    Bounceparty; Thanks for picking out your favourites. Haha, when we tell people Aphrodite’s name there is usually some shock. But most people, after gathering themselves, think it’s really cool! And she’s the most beautiful baby ever so she can carry it !

    Larkub; Xylia is sweet, but it sounds like an instrument to me. Like xylophone.

    Dina; our tastes are pretty similar for this baby. Zenobia is so gorgeous, I love it, I think it needs a special baby though… and the nicknames for Zenobia are delightful!

    Sierra; I like the idea of Hannelore, but I can’t get past Hanne which I find really unappealing. Thanks though!

    Tintri; I know, I want to meet a little Cleopatra too! Like Zenobia I think it needs to be a particular kind of baby to pull It off… we’ll see if this one is it!

    Angel; yay comments from you are always good. I love that you know a Cleopatra, it makes me feel better about the world. Rohana is gorgeous, I will consider it. And I will let you need when I need combos so you can work your magic! Thanks, sweetie!

    Mandyjai; Thanks! Cleopatra is a front runner… Calliope is gorgeous, but I’d like to use Orpheus for a son one day. It’s my favourite boy name.

    Whisk me away; Ophelia and Ondine are on my middle list, they are gorgeous. I love Persephone, but Husband got issues(long story). Thanks though!

    Celianne; Circe is SUR-see. Thanks for your comments, they’re colourful! And, yes, I read the Belgariad as a child… wonderful.

    Clocktower; thanks for pulling out your favourites. I did mean Aradia; she was a Roman Goddess-witch.

    Roulan; Jael was horrible! I dislike her story. Grueful. I like Freya, but I’m definitely not doing another love and beauty Goddess (bye bye Ishtar!). Thanks though!

    Tfzolghadr; I haven’t seen that website, I will check it out later. Thanks for picking out your favourties for me!

    Vicioustrollop; Morgaine is pretty, but I like Gothic Morgana. Melisande was considered, but felt too damsel in distress like for me.

    Victoria; Thanks for your comments, I do enjoy your insight. Not biased about Hermione, eh? Hmmm… Olympia makes me think of Angelina too, haha. But she’s stunning so that’s ok! I think Seraphina is pretty too, but I do have a friend by this name, so Serafina feels a bit different. Thank you sweetiepie!

    Svea; thank you! Galadriel, I’d love to use that one. It’s so sorceressy and romantic and magical. Angharad was vetoed by Husband. Hillevi!!!! Oh, I love this. Must put on middle list. It’s actually one of my favourite Scandi names. Valkyrie is a nice option too! Thank you!

    Genevieve; I do like Nausicaä, but my husband does not. Thank you though, you know me well.

    Augs; Aah, comments from you are so much fun. I appreciate what you’re saying, and I agree with ost of it too. Thanks so much! And I love that you love Cleopatra, Zenobia, Circe and Morgana so much.

    Amy My Darling; the girls are easier to narrow down. You’re right, it’s less wiggle room over here. I’m dying for a little Gwen… and a little Cleo, a little Bee. Tinuviel might very well fit better in the middle, but how cute would it be as a first name? Little Tiny? Do you rememeber your Tinuviel combo? Perfection… I actually kind of take back what I said about Isolde. I read this book that has an alternate view on Tristan and Isolde, and that’s how I choose to look at their story. But I might put her in the middle. Thank you so much sweetheart!!

    Rachel; thank you. I do love Florimell, she was just nixed before this round actually. I think she was rather cool and sassy. My husband hates phil names, so those two are out. I tried to suggest Philomela and that did not go over well…

    Noora; Yes, I know, I’ve been there! My father worked a lot in that part of the world when I was younger, so occasionally we were brought along to see some of these fascinating things. My family’s got a special place in their heart for this ancient part of the world.

    Bonnie; Thanks! I love the “a woman who knew how to live and succeed in a man’s world”. She really did, didn’t she? And, for a sillier reason, Elizabeth Taylor was one of my all time favourite actresses, so it’s an extra little plus for Cleoptara. I think Nimue might be more spring or summer like. I’m glad you like my favourites so much!

    Augs Again; I like…. Ondine (on my middle list), Electra (but H doesn’t), Ursula (middle), Freya, Isis (middle), Thalassa!, Ishtar (but too much beauty/love Goddess), Lilith, Embla, Pallas (but the killed thing makes me sad), Amoret (but too lovey dovey with big sis), Socorro, Hespera (saving for a summer daughter), Astarte (see Ishtar). Thank you!

    Sessha; Aphrodite (who’s mad with Attie for being a virgin) provides Atalanta’s suitor with three golden apples he throws in front of Attie during their race, and for each one she slows down to pick them up, so he wins, and she has to marry him. Befana was HIS choice, not mine. I’m trying to be cooperative. I think it’s a beautiful sound, but I want something beautiful for my other daughters as well. Jezebel; well, we’ll have to disagree on this one. I think she’s fascinating and cool. BUT she would rule out Belphoebe… which might be the biggest con for miss Jez. I’m so excited you like Cleopatra, and Gwenllian (but I knew that) and Morgana (knew that too, really)… Yes, he likes Circe. I think major pluses for him are the Waterhouse paintings. Anything with a good painting and he’ll jump aboard. Ah, I’d love to re-comment on each of your comments, but it would be looooong. But I am glad you’re loving my favourties (Tiny! Yay!). Thank you so much, sweetheart, you are a wonder.

    LIneska; Thanks for your comments. It seems like most people are circling in on the same names, which are my favourties as well. Yay! Overhwelmed? Yes… supportive and wonderful husband though !

    Reverie; Thank you! You see Zenobia the same way I do! It’s such a cute name. And you like Lysistrata! That makes me excited. Such a fun play!

    Caroline; yay! I love that you like Jezebel. I think it's a glorious name. Thank you!
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    Ok, I'm back to suggest Norse names as I know you want to honor your side of things too. I considered several of these myself ^_^

    Elida (love the meaning)

    Others you might like (most are Greek with some Roman and Celtic in there):

    Alcyone (I know you considered this one last time and it's still lovely and sounds great with Aphrodite)
    Isis (I know this is out of left field and a major deity from Egypt which I don't know how you feel about, but it's beautiful, sounds great with Aphrodite, and is a strong woman like you want. Aside form that, an acquaintance has a 2 year old Isis and I just love it)
    Nausicaa (I'm seconding this from someone up there. It's very nice and other than being Greek mythology, it's a beautiful anime)
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    Alright I went through most of these on the last thread so I'm just going to categorize them and add my two cents to the ones I feel the most strongly about or something...

    Belpheobe - point out to the hubby that it would be a fun link to Ditaroo's -ph-, unless that would make him dislike it more.

    Hermione - this could be a great "normal" name, don't you think? HP really made this more "main stream" and "normal".
    Lysistrata - though I could see this leading to quite a bit of teasing in school.

    Cleopatra - it's a little too on the nose. I don't even know what I'd name a third daughter after Aphrodite and Cleopatra but they are equally bold.
    Isolde - she was beautiful, pure and tragic. (I think.... I see your point).

    Musidora - theoretically I like it but it sounds awkward to me out loud.
    Olympia - usually I love this just not for you.
    Pandeia - I like this so much better than Pandora.

    Bradamante - it's on the same Brunhilda/Gertrude level for me. Theoretically beautiful but I just can't fully get there.
    Jezebel - no judgement I just don't like the sound.
    Xenia - I see hubby's point.
    maybe Endora, Dexter, Gideon & Lorelei
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    I LOVE your list! These names are really unique, beautiful, and strong, characteristics I base my own favorites on. I like Atalanta, Circe, Cleopatra, Hermione, Isolde, Morgana, and Selene. Serafina sounds nice, but is way too popular.

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    I've thought about it and I think Belphoebe matches ridiculously well with Aphrodite!
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