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Thread: Tessa or Tess

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    Tessa or Tess

    So we love Tess, but find it very hard to pair with a middle name. Tessa on the other hand goes with lots of names. So do you give up on the name you love and use it as a nickname or do you use the name you love but when said in full doesn't flow very well? We like Tessa, we just love Tess.

    Tess Abigail
    Tess Adelaide
    Tess Adeline

    Tessa Maeve
    Tessa Pearl
    Tessa Faye
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    If you love Tess then use it. Not too many people are going to know, or use her middle name a lot.
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    Hmmm... I say keep trying to find middles for Tess, but if there seems to be absolutely NOTHING you like, go for Tessa.

    Tess Penelope
    Tess Marcheline
    Tess Ravenna
    Tess Amelia
    Tess Ramona
    Tess Peridot
    Tess Helena
    Tess Fiona
    Tess Milena

    Good luck!
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    Am I right that little girl's last name will be Cook? If so, Tessa flows a little better with it than Tess as well. I mean, I would still totally use Tess if it's your strong preference. Tess with that last name is still fine. I think you may want to avoid middles that start with a vowel as they could kind of slide onto Tess? What names are the closest to you liking them? Or is there a family name you can use for its own sake that will help wipe out any dislike you have for the sound?

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    I prefer Tessa nn Tess anyway. How do you feel about Teresa/Theresa?

    Some ideas:

    Tess Evangeline
    Tess Magnolia
    Tess Cordelia
    Tess Annabel
    Tess Josephine
    Tess Adeline
    Tess Madeline
    Tess Penelope
    Tess Matilda
    Tess Carolina
    Tess Fiona

    oops, sorry for repeats!
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