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    I grew up as EKZ. I don't ever remember needing to use all three initials. It was just required to use first and last: EZ. You would think that it was rip for teasing but I never heard anything. Based on my experience FCK would not be an issue for me (besides, would a swear word in you name be "cool" as a kid?) All that said, don't ignore instincts. If it feels wrong to you even with a second MN, don't use it.
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    I wouldn't do it. I would put the "C" name in the front, the "F" name in the middle, and call him by his middle name.
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    I use all three of my initials and those of my co-workers a lot for work (at a large insurance company, documenting phone calls and things instead of writing out names.) I also remember various lists in elementary school had all three initials. But you never know. It's also possible he would skate by never having to use the middle initial in a public setting. But I would not risk it.

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    Thanks for the opinions, everyone!
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    I wouldn't. I have had several different jobs (including where I am now) that requires I sign off on paperwork many times a day, using all three of my initials. Teasing potential!

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