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    How bad are the initials F.C.K.?

    Some of my favorites for a boy start with F. However, both family names (my dad and FIL's middle names) that are likely candidates for a middle name start with C... thereby giving us the initials F.C.K. Just seeing them lined up together like that gets me all apprehensive. Would giving a second middle make it any better? A second middle is a good possibility anyway, as DD has two. I'm just not sure, since most people will probably only know his first middle... meh. I have loads of time to think about this, but it's bugging me. :roll:
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    As long as the second middle doesn't start with an u

    I actually don't think it's that bad, maybe because (here in Europe at least) a lot of football (soccer) clubs have initials starting with FC so that was my first association. But two middles are fun, and if little Ivy has it, why not?
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    eek. Not great. I generally advise people not to worry so much about initials (most recently HAT and another I recall was BS--harmless, right?). FCK is a little less innocent as far as teasing potential though. A second middle would help as long as it's not a U, obvi.

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    If I swear in a text message, and don't want to actually swear, I type fck, or fcking. I instantly see the other word, but that's just me.

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    I wouldn't do it, I instantly see a swear word in it. If you added a second middle, like FBCK or FCNK, it wouldn't be quite as bad.
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