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Thread: Thoughts?!..

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    Wesley (no t), Collin, Theodore, Sebastian, Silas, Calvin, Leo, and Reed are all great choices...
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    My preferences:
    Weston - no - reminds me of Westin hotels
    Westley - yes - reminds me of Princess Bride
    Greyson - yes with the nn Grey
    Bryant - no
    Grey - prefer as a nn to Greyson
    Collin - no - too common and prefer with one 'l'
    Zane - no - nms
    Theodore - yes - love Theo, but don't really like Teddy
    Jameson - yes
    Sebastian - love
    Silas - yes
    Calvin - yes
    Leo - love
    Derek - no - dated
    Kendrick - just no
    Reed - yes - prefer Reid

    let's see, how'd I do.... about 50/50

    not sure how that red face ended up there. ignore him
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    Weston - Like, but not my favorite.
    Westley - Love! Though I like Wesley better, I know some think the T masculinises it a bit. And it is a different sound.
    Greyson - Love! And with this spelling, too!
    Bryant - Meh, not my favorite.
    Grey - I like this, but Greyson is better.
    Collin - Okay, but a little dated, to me.
    Zane - Love! This is such a cool name.
    Theodore - My favorite name in the history of ever! There are so many amazing associations with this name. It is the bee's knees
    Jameson - I prefer simple James. Actually, James would probably be refreshing in this time. You could always call him Jem for a Victorian era twist, too
    Sebastian - I love Sebastian, but it does seem a bit uppercrust and snobby. Or maybe I'm just remembering Cruel Intentions....
    Silas - Eh, I've never liked this. It sounds like a name for a grim reaper or something to me.
    Calvin - Kind of "Geek Chique" I like it.
    Leo - A great one, though, being a nick name nerd, I like it better as a nn for Leopold, Leonard, Leonidas, etc...
    Derek - Another one that is soooo dated to me.
    Kendrick - Like Anna? I get the sounds, but this one is all last name to me.
    Reed - I knew a Reid in high school. Not the best association for me.

    Favorites: Theodore. Greyson. Zane.

    Least Fav: Silas. Bryant. Kendrick.
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    Weston - I'm not crazy about it, but I don't hate it.
    Westley - This is very Princess Bride. I love Wesley though. Wes is a great nickname.
    Greyson - I don't care for -son names.
    Bryant - Meh.
    Grey - Overrated.
    Collin - I really like Collin.
    Zane - I feel like it's trying too hard to be cool, I guess because it starts with Z.
    Theodore - I like it. Theo and Teddy are possible nicknames.
    Jameson - James is way better.
    Sebastian - It's okay.
    Silas - It's nice, but a total hipster name.
    Calvin - I like Calvin. It's uncommon but not weird.
    Leo - I feel like Leo is becoming super popular and...this might be blasphemous to say on Nameberry, but I think it's overrated.
    Derek - It's alright. Not my fave, but there's nothing wrong with it.
    Kendrick - Nah.
    Reed - Spelled Reid.

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    I really like:


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