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    Jacob is a great name, strong history, ages well, cute nn (Jake, which is why I assume your kids like youngest named her new Build a Bear "Izzy" because of the show, lol) etc. Maybe you can compromise and put it as the middle name, and honor the wish of your other kids that way? Linus wanted to name Vio "Thomas" or "Diesel 10" when I was pregnant with her and strangely enough we put Liesel on the list except thought it "looked" to similar to his name..but that is another story...)

    Top ten names when *not trendy* (meaning, popular for a short time then off into oblivion, like mine was....) are usually solid. It just matters if you care that its that popular.
    Unless you are really smitten with it and feel that is his name, then go for it! Either way, a fun story, thanks Disney Jr!
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    If it makes you feel better, Jacob drops down to No. 3 in popularity (on the 2011 NameNerds popularity chart) if you consider all of the spellings of a particular name together (i.e. Aiden, Aden, Ayden, etc. all count as one name since they are pronounced the same). See

    Jacob has been going strong for thousands of years. It's a fine name, and there's a reason why it's perennially popular! I wouldn't worry about it having the top spot if you like it.
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    You've found a name you both like, that goes beautifully with your other kids' names, and that no one else in your big family has used. That sounds like a triple win to me!
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    Not at all! If you love the name, then use it. Personally, I love Jake, but not Jacob.

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    It's totally not giving up! If you love the name, use it. Just because it's popular overall doesn't mean that every kid you meet is gonna have it. Who cares if someone else thinks you just used it because it was the number one? Clearly you didn't if your other boys don't have top 10 names.

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