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    Jul 2013
    My older sister named me, with my parents having the power of veto. Choices: Tempest or Mallory. I'm happy with the veto of Tempest!
    Mallory Brooks -- wife, new lawyer, and hopefully a mother to a human child within the next few years

    Puppy sons: Parker Ace and Peyton Taylor

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    May 2013
    I could have been Natalie - it was my mum's personal favourite. It was my dad who named me Adriana after they accepted to choose the name not strongly connected with any of their religious beliefs.
    Zelda Astrid - 21.02.2011
    Dashiell Roman Leif - 15.05.2013
    Vita Malin - 23.04.2014

    Soon-to-be aunt for the first time!

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    Dec 2012
    I love all the interesting stories. Autumn was the other choice for my name, but my parents were set on Kelli early on. If I was a boy, I would have been Geoffrey.
    Mama to Erickson Thomas Gunnar and Gabrielle Reese

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    My Mum didn't want to know the gender until I was born. She was set on naming me Kyle if I were a boy. When she found out I was a girl, she thought she'd be clever and name me Kyla. It's better than her girl name picked out, which was Taylor.
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    Lilyanna * Lux * Saoirse * Helena * Emma * Luna * Ellie * Ava * Arurora

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    I was going to be named Sean, as a girl, but thankfully by father stepped in and went for a more gender neutral name. I ended up as Casey

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