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    I was a week away from being Hannah when the song Julia by the Beatles came on the radio and my parents fell in love with the name. I like Hannah, and it fits me well, but I know at least 5 (or that's how many I'm seeing in my phone contacts right now) so I'm glad I got a less common name. My brother was always Jackson, but he would have been Sophia if he were a girl.


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    My Dad told me he wanted to name me Dovie after his great-aunt! I ended up D@wn, which I don't like, although I'm okay with my nickname, DJ.

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    Robin ... and I'm rather pleased that my mum picked Zelia over that (despite the endless mispronunciations and spelling errors). See now, I love Robin and I strongly associate it with the wonderful Robin Hood, therefore I immediately think "boy" when I hear it. Also, while it has a sweet but still strong ring to it in English, in Danish it just sounds way too rugged to ever work as a girls name (in my opinion, at least). The story behind her wanting to call me Robin is better than the story behind my *real* name though. The European Robin is my mum's favourite bird, whereas she saw Zelia in the credits of some film and just liked the name.
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    Allison- no idea what they would have used for a middle name.

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    I was going to be called idea why my Mum changed her mind but I am so glad she did!

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