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    Hahahahah, no, I was so close to being called Topanga. I'm glad my dad chickened out and went with my mom's top pick, Abigail.
    I know Abigail isn't everyone's fave, but when compared to Topanga, I think it wins by a landslide.
    you can call me gail

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    I was going to be Joseph Robert Lewis, to be called Joe (my brother's name is 11 letters long, and my parents watched him suffer through learning how to spell it, and wisened up when I came along).

    But surprise! I arrived and I was a girl! There was no girl's name picked out, so my mom, holding me, started listing off some options: "Are you a Hannah?" No response from me. "Are you a Sarah?" No response. "Are you...Laura?" I flop my brand new baby head towards her and look her straight in the eye. So yeah. I chose my own name.

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    I was going to be named Jacquelyn, but my dad found Kimberly in a magazine and went with that instead. He liked that I could be called Kim or Kimmy (blech) as well. My mom thought they were being very unique with my name. Alas, it was 1979 and Kimberly was the 8th most popular name for the year.

    Had I been a boy: Jared. (also, blech!)

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    The only other name I know they considered was Katrina, but they named me Felicia. I'm really glad they didn't name me Katrina, I'm not a fan of it at all.

    If I had been a boy I would have been Joshua, which eight years later they named my brother.
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    My name is Kate. I was almost a Kasha. If I was a boy, I would have been Jackson

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