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    Hahahahah, no, I was so close to being called Topanga. I'm glad my dad chickened out and went with my mom's top pick, Abigail.
    I know Abigail isn't everyone's fave, but when compared to Topanga, I think it wins by a landslide.
    you can call me gail

    □rosemary, anne, wynne, hattie, elisabeth, catherine, clare, ellis, frances, adele, sybil, virginia□
    ■walter, joseph, bruno, philip, willis, perry, thomas, bernard, arthur, martin, peter, franklin, raymond■
    ◊ guilty pleasures: kitty, ashton, sunday, magdalene, blanche, agnes, diane, della, vienna, philomena, phyllida, sally, sullivan, bayard, cletus, orville, atticus, atlas◊
    ♣ sibsets: anne "annie" and james, rosemary "rosie" and bruno ♣

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