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    Kelly. Luckily, my parents chose Sarah instead!
    ~ Mother of Violet Elizabeth Rose ~


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    I was almost named Veronica or Lillian.

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    I was Tamara for most of my mother's pregancy. She ultimately decided Tammy was inevitable and too babyish for her tastes.

    I'm forever grateful. I would have been the worst Tammy, and Tamara's pronunciation issues (they wanted TAM-ra; I mostly meet ta-MAR-uhs and ta-MAIR-uhs) wouldn't have been fun since I already have a surname no one gets right.

    Their boy name was Jason, later my brother's name.
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    There are no stories about what I might have been named even if a boy. My grandmother saw Tamara in a book and Mom and Dad liked it. Sister Tannia same way name came from a book and no other Stories. My Dad liked Sebastian for my brother Richard but
    mom put her foot down.

    My Patrick was supposed to be Alexander Hugh, but when I saw him he was a Patrick. I had not even been considering

    Nicholas was supposed to have been Nicolas but the person who typed the birth certificate put Nicholas and I signed without noticing.

    I thought about Starr for Autumn, I sure am glad I changed my mind!
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    Almost named:

    My Mom is a writer, and was in the middle of a book during each of her six pregnancies. All the characters in the book she was writing during her pregnancy with me had mythological names. They were ordinary people whose character related to the mythological person for whom they were named. She researched Celtic, Egyptian and Norse mythology, as well as Greek and Roman.

    If I had been a boy, I might have been named Hector, Troy, Odin, Castor, Ammon or Osiris.

    Since I turned out to be a girl, they considered Isis, Freyja, Hestia, Leda and Thalia. They chose Thea Jane Leonie Amelia. Thea is an obscure Greek goddess. She is the goddess of light and the mother of the sun, moon and dawn. Jane is for Jane Austen and Jane Eyre. Leonie and Amelia are family names. I've always loved my name, even though I have always had to spell it for others, and explain how I pronounce it: Tay-ya. It can also be pronounced Thee-ya or Thay-ya.

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