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    Eve! (Lovely name but I would have hated it because I'm an atheist)

    If I was a boy I would have been Nathaniel Edward
    Catelin Geneva
    Just highschooler by day author by night obsessed with names and future babies when she's much older.

    Cecily Eirwen Ophelia, Belphoebe Judith Primrose, Isolde Bellona Winter, Circe Guinevere Florence
    Rainier Gideon Wolf, Eddard Severus Wolf, Peregrin Julius Harrow, Dorian Oliver Fox, Casimir Endymion Silver

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    When I was born my mom named me Aubrey... For three hours. She then decided that I wasn't an Aubrey and named me Emily instead. I absolutely agree with her!

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    When my parents were discussing names they had two names picked out: Logan as the top boy contender and my first name for a girl. The only reason Logan was an option was 'cause my dad would have loved to name a son after Wolverine. But alas, I was a girl. The name my dad had picked out for a girl was, and still is, virtually unheard of. To continue the nature middle names and have an X-Men tribute my mom picked Storm.

    I'm kind of glad I wasn't a boy named Logan because then I would have been one of 3 Logans in my grade.
    just a confused teenberry.
    algernon | alistair | corbin | leo | malcolm | pierce | raphael
    anastasia | beatrix | cordelia | felicity | georgia | helena | ramona

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    If I were a boy, I would have been Edmond Bradley. I think Edmond is a nice name, and Bradley isn't bad. My parents' second choice for a girl was Alice and I'm very very glad I am not an Alice.
    Nicholas Arthur Ashby (01.12.10)
    Theodore Stellan Rain (TBE 12.09.13)

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    New England
    Girl: Sidney, Indigo
    Boy: Graham, Austin.
    *Magnolia Alice/ Evangeline Clover/ Adelaide Clover/ Athena Violet/
    Liliana Wren/ Georgiana Snow/ Eugenie Marigold/Ottilie Amina*

    *Osias Grey/August Grey/Thatcher Fox/ Ignatius Grey/Hawthorne Flynn/
    Jasper August/ *

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