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    What names have you heard recently? Good or bad!

    I was at a junior rodeo (ages 10 and under) and here are the WORST names I noticed from the roster:
    1. Shanks- the prison weapon.
    2. Treylr- Yeah i think that's Trailer....spelled wrong. Seems like "trailer trash" to me lol.... poor kid!
    3. Mackyleigh- How many extra letters do we need??
    4. Bliss- Maybe some people like this but I think it sounds more appropriate for an "adult entertainer"....
    5. Brolin- Eeks...

    Here are the ones I found interesting/nice:
    1. Sayer- Although this was for a girl, I like it on a boy.
    2. Steeley- Not my style but I thought it was cute for a little cowgirl.
    3. Annabeth- Sweet
    4. Creed- Kind of cool on this little boy!

    What have you seen recently, good or bad?? (There were plenty of nice typical top 100 names on the roster, I just didn't find them interesting enough to mention on here.)

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    Love Annabeth! Character in my favorite books. I met a kindergartener named Thea while helping in my church's bible school program last week. She was adorable, and I fell in love with the name! Then, I was at a relative's graduation party, and one of the other distant relatives has three kids - Nolan, Tessa, and new baby Wyatt. I thought it was the sweetest sibset!

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    I have a new nephew named Logan. While its much too popular for my tastes, it suits the little one.
    Other new names: Edgerrin- what were they thinking? and Bea
    Austyn- on a baby girl. Is they 'y' supposed to make it feminine?
    Cohen, Fletcher, and Tate- all the mother's maiden names for their sons...
    Maddox (Max) James 08.31.13.

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    I met a man named Moses at church today. I was so excited because I love the name.

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    I was at a bridal shower yesterday and was surprised by the children I met. A two year old Julian and Richard and a six year old Sharon. Sharon?! Really?!
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