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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    Seraphina is very possibly the most beautiful girls' name there is. I love it.
    Agreed, it's right up there. I have a much, much easier time picturing Seraphina on an adult than something like, say, Dylan on a girl, or Lola Plus, Seraphina has so much history and class. It just sparkles. (please vote!)

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    I think it's a very beautiful name and agree that if she wanted to shorten it, Sara(h) is a workable nn. But as it stands alone, it is just a super name.

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    I think it's pretty, theoretically, but a little bit over-the-top in practice. It strikes me as a bit pretentious, but my style tends to include mainly shorter, no-frills names. Four syllables feels like a mouthful to me! Seraphine does make it a bit more manageable, but...It just seems a little like going the long way around to get to a sweet, simple nickname like Sera.

    On the other hand, I do slightly prefer the Latin spelling - Serafina. I also like the fact that Finn could be a nickname as well, steering away from the hyper-girly. Fina is cute too, without being too unique, since it's not far off from Nina, Gina, etc. It also has some great history/mythology, being a biblical name and the name of a saint.

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    What a great thread! Thanks so much for your input! The Dr. test is a terrific idea, namelover77. And, you're right, Seraphine is a beautiful name for anyone. I am always attracted to -a endings over - e endings, but that could change (I'm very indecisive). I like - as many of you mentioned - that Sera (or Sara/Sarah) could be a nickname. I think she would have to choose that on her own as she got older, though. Seraphina is such a gorgeous name that I couldn't pass up saying the full version whenever possible.

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    I think it's lovely and would do well on a little girl and a fullgrown woman!
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