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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    1 Margot - I like this French spelling - it's sophisticated and elegant. It looks the most complete.
    2 Margo - I'm not crazy about this but it's better than Margaux.
    3 Margaux - faux-French and the name of a wine brand called Chateau Margaux.

    In order of preference:

    Juniper Margot - just right!
    Juniper Margo - ok
    Juniper Margaux - over-the-top
    I agree with Mischa's assessment. I love Margot!!
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    Totally agree with Mischa.

    Margot FTW!
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    Margot is the true French spelling and my favorite. Margeaux is pretty, but a "fake" spelling. Margo seems incomplete to me and not as sophisticated.

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    Margot- I love this spelling
    Margo- is nice enough
    Margaux- feels try-hard to me. The least down-to-earth of the three imo.

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    Margot is my favorite! Margo looks incomplete, Margot looks classy and quirky, Margaux looks kind of strippery. Juniper Margot is kind of heavy on the 'r' sounds, but I still like it!
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