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    I would choose Daisy, it fits in best with Stone and Cash, plus I much prefer it to Dylan on a girl. Dylan feels very 90s to me.

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    Daisy is better than Dylan. And I think it works well with your other kids names, it's a modern word name.

    I suggest: Lane for a girl. You could even give her the full name Delainey?

    Cash, Stone, and Lane?

    You have bolder name taste than me, so of course whatever you think!

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    Daisy Jean. Think it would fit with her brothers names so well. Good luck.
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    Daisy simply because Daisy Jean sounds adorable and flows better than Dylan Jean. If she wants to go by a tomboy-ish nickname, call her DJ!
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    Daisy for sure! One of my closest friends has a 6 year old sister named Daisy, and it makes my heart flutter whenever he talks about her. It's just such a sweet name
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