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    I don't mind Dylan for a girl. However, with Jean as a mn and with your combination of Cash & Stone, Daisy just seems so perfect. Like someone said, a nice wild west theme that's not too over-the-top because the names are simple and adorable. I think a little 10 yr old Daisy might be happier with her name than a Dylan, too. Daisy Jean is beyond adorable.

    Dylan just feels very different to me. More modern, more British Isles...

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    Another vote for Daisy! Daisy Jean is adorable and perfect with your sons' names. Dahlia is another unique and spunky flower name you might like. I also thought of Linden for you, since it sounds somewhat like Dylan, but is more feminine and is a word name. The tree meaning carries that subtle western feel others have mentioned your sibset gives off. I like Linden Jean, but it is n heavy.
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    Cash William and Stone Christopher sound so great with Daisy Jean. Dylan Jean sounds awkward to me because of their similar N endings. Dylan is a nice name next to Cash and Stone, but its a very, very common name compared to Cash and Stone. Someone mentioned Billie Jean; holy crap Billie looks so adorable next to Cash and Stone!!

    If you're looking for common ground between Daisy and Dylan, the name Daily is a suggestion.

    My vote is for Cash, Stone, and Daisy Jean OR Daily Jean...

    ...or Billie Jean. I don't even care that its a Michael Jackson song, its just so great with Cash and Stone!
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    Daisy a thousand times over.

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    Daisy. Dylan is a boys name not a girls name and it always will be

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