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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsweater View Post
    Easy. Daisy. Jr. High boys can be so crude. I'd be afraid they'd torture a girl named Dylan with dildo.
    Argh. Was definitely voting for Daisy and even more so after I read this comment. With such strong boys names for your sons, I would definitely go for a sweet girl name. If you are having a boy I'd vote Dylan!
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    Daisy! It fits way better with your other kids, and I MUCH prefer Dylan on a boy, anyway.

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    I think Daisy fits the other two names better, and I also really prefer Daisy to Dylan.
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    Daisy takes the cake. While I like Dylan okay on a girl, I personally love the name Daisy. It's so cute and spunky! Plus, Daisy Jean is downright adorable.

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    Daisy, for sure.

    Just a thought, what about Wren, or even Quinn? Maybe an alternative to Dylan. However, I do really like Daisy.
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