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Thread: This or that

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    Ashlyn or Imena - There are so many Ashleys and similar, so Imena stands out
    Alana or Concordia - I love Alannah/Alana
    Bianca or Candace - Bianca, because all I can think of is Candance Bergman
    Cara or Ruth - Cara, I really don't like Ruth
    Claire or Niamh - Claire, at least outside of Ireland
    Deborah or Melissa - Deborah, it seems like it could make a comeback easier than Melissa
    Evangeline or Nashira - Evangeline
    Fallon or Raidah - Fallon is lovely
    Honor or Briana - neither
    Kira or Kalinda - Kira is cute and spunky
    Rosa or Rósín - Rosa is classy
    Sybil or Cassandra - Sybilla would be my choice
    Stella or Roxanna - Stella, unless you would prn Roxana as rox-AH-nah
    Willa or Wilhelmina - both are nice, but Willa
    Adelaide or Alissa - Alissa
    Claudia or Gladys - I like both, but Claudia (please vote!)

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    Ashlyn or Imena - sorry, I don't like either
    Alana or Concordia - I guess Alana, but I'm not too fond of either
    Bianca or Candace -Bianca! love it
    Cara or Ruth - I like both, would depend on the surname
    Claire or Niamh - Claire by a mile
    Deborah or Melissa - Deborah, more of a classic
    Evangeline or Nashira - Evangeline, though I'm not fond of either
    Fallon or Raidah - neither
    Honor or Briana - Honor I guess
    Kira or Kalinda - Kira
    Rosa or Rósín - Rosa
    Sybil or Cassandra - Cassandra
    Stella or Roxanna - I like both about equally. Probably Roxanna
    Willa or Wilhelmina - Willa by a mile
    Adelaide or Alissa - Adelaide by a mile
    Claudia or Gladys - neither
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