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Thread: This or that

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    Ashlyn or Imena - Neither is my style but I would choose Imena for its uniqueness as opposed to the trendy Ashlyn.
    Alana or Concordia - Alana for its simplicity. I like the meaning of Concordia but it's a really heavy name to carry.
    Bianca or Candace - Bianca for its Italian vibe. Candace seems "dated".
    Cara or Ruth - Ruth for its Biblical history. I just want to say "mia" after Cara.
    Claire or Niamh - I love both names but Niamh is less popular.
    Deborah or Melissa - I don't either names but I chose Deborah for its Biblical connection. Both are "dated".
    Evangeline or Nashira - Evangeline is a gorgeous name with a literary association.
    Fallon or Raidah - Neither name is my style but Raidah is ok.
    Honor or Briana - Neither is a fave of mine but Honor is slightly preferable.
    Kira or Kalinda - Kira is pretty. I'm not a fan of "linda" endings.
    Rosa or Rósín - This should be spelled Roisin which means "rose" in Gaelic.
    Sybil or Cassandra - I love the vintage charm of Sybil. Cassandra is an old name but it sounds "dated".
    Stella or Roxanna - I love both names but Roxanna has a more exotic vibe.
    Willa or Wilhelmina - Willa for its literary chic. Wilhelmina is too clunky.
    Adelaide or Alissa - Adelaide for its royal connection (Queen of England). Alissa is lispy.
    Claudia or Gladys - Claudia isn't a fave of mine but it's certainly better than the "ugly sister" name of Gladys.
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    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Ashlyn or Imena - Ashlyn is too dated trendy.
    Alana or Concordia - So pretty.
    Bianca or Candace - I just don't care for Candace.
    Cara or Ruth
    Claire or Niamh - Irish names always confuse me.
    Deborah or Melissa - Deborah is more prone to a comeback due to it's retro feel. Melissa just feels dated.
    Evangeline or Nashira
    Fallon or Raidah - Raidah sounds like someone trying to say raider with an accent.
    Honor or Briana - A bit dated but I don't care for Honor.
    Kira or Kalinda - Kalinda looks made up.
    Rosa or Rósín - I don't care for accent marks on names.
    Sybil or Cassandra
    Stella or Roxanna - Just don't care for the "ox" sound in names.
    Willa or Wilhelmina - Wilhelmina's such a versatile name and has a ton of great nickname options, including Willa.
    Adelaide or Alissa - Alissa's dated.
    Claudia or Gladys
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    Overall, my taste is classic, traditional names. With a little bit of quirkiness thrown in. This will influence my choice

    Ashlyn or Imena - only because I dislike the sound of Ashlyn
    Alana or Concordia - Alana is pretty
    Bianca or Candace - Candace sounds like "can dance". Ick.
    Cara or Ruth - torn on this one. Chose Cara as its a favourite of mine today
    Claire or Niamh - only as Niamh to me should be kept to Irish ancestry, and since I'm not, I would choose Claire.
    Deborah or Melissa - cant choose. Really dislike both.
    Evangeline or Nashira - dislike both!
    Fallon or Raidah - again not my taste. Sorry!
    Honor or Briana - blah!
    Kira or Kalinda - ok, again not my taste but would go Kira
    Rosa or Rósín - Rosa is lovely. A favourite of mine.
    Sybil or Cassandra - dislike Cassie as nn so would go Sybil
    Stella or Roxanna - Stella is cute!
    Willa or Wilhelmina
    Adelaide or Alissa - don't like this spelling of Alissa but Adelaide is where I was born! Torn so picked Adelaide.
    Claudia or Gladys - Gladys is just too old for me. Claudia is just ok, but wouldn't choose it.
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    Ashlyn or Imena << Ashlyn
    Alana or Concordia << Alana because Concordia is just too much of a name
    Bianca or Candace << Bianca nn Bia
    Cara or Ruth << Ruth love Ruthie as a nn
    Claire or Niamh << Niamh exotic
    Deborah or Melissa << Melissa love Mel and Lissa as nn options
    Evangeline or Nashira << Evangeline because it's my grandmother's middle name
    Fallon or Raidah << Fallon because Raidah just sounds like you are saying raider with a heavy Boston accent
    Honor or Briana << Honor nn Nora
    Kira or Kalinda << Kira I've never heard of Kalinda (I have heard of Kalindi)
    Rosa or Rósín << Rosin so much more exotic sounding
    Sybil or Cassandra << Cassandra more nn choices
    Stella or Roxanna << Stella but honestly I like both especially if you use Roxy/Roxi/Roxie as a nn for Roxanna
    Willa or Wilhelmina << Willa I don't think anyone can pull off Wilhelmina
    Adelaide or Alissa << Adelaide nn Addie or Aidey is so cute
    Claudia or Gladys << Claudia both old lady names but Claudia less so
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