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Thread: Pencey?

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    Just wanted to know what everyone thought of the name Pencey. Its a family name for me, my great-great-great grandmothers name was Pencey Elizabeth.

    I was thinking of the combo Pencey Rae.
    I'm not sure if it could hold its own as a first name.

    It could probably be used as a nn for Spencer.
    What do you think of the name Spencer Rae?

    Im not expecting any kids, this is all theoretical.

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    I love Spencer Rae & espessialy Spencer on a girl . I dont think i like Pencey as a stand alone name but as a nn is fine

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    Yes, this:

    Quote Originally Posted by bellerose View Post
    I dont think i like Pencey as a stand alone name but as a nn is fine
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    Just remembered that Pencey Prep was the name of the school in The Catcher in the Rye. I am really starting to like Spencer a lot more.

    no kids anytime soon, just a name fanatic

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    I prefer Pencey alone, actually. If Pencey is the family name, I think it would be cool if you kept it as is.

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