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    well my name is also Andrea, i like it. Most of my friends call me Andie, and no i am not a tomboy, i am actually pretty girly.

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    My name is Andrea (I know your name is Andrea because you're part of the Young Name Lovers group!), and I pronounce it An-dree-uh. I think it for the most part because it isn't quite the popular name but itsn't so bizarre. My only quarrel with Andrea is all the pronounciations. It isn't a big issue where I come from because most people pronounce it as An-dree-uh, but in other places (especially when I go traveling), it is such a big issue that I just give up in trying to get to people to pronounce it correctly. Another thing is its lack of nicknames. I'm not a tomboy, so Andy didn't really work for me. Also, Andrew is a pretty popular name, so being Andy wasn't really a choice for me. I never liked Annie because that's was just too country bumpkin for me (sorry!), and Drea... who honestly would use that? All in all, I like my name. I think it can be stereotypically middle class, but what name hasn't gone through that phase? Sorry for this bias opinion. I'd love to hear what other Andrea's have to say as well about their name!
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    Andrea sounds dated to me.
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    I've ALWAYS loved the name Andrea!
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    I really like it.
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