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    I definitely prefer Severin. Ditto @ lizabethm, but also, Soren and Severin are both just Germanic/Scandinavian variants of Severinus.

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    Soren makes me think of Kiirkegaard and Severin sounds like a Harry Potter character...a bit dark and severe. What about Stellan?

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    Soren for me, definitely. It is so much less dark and sinister than Severin (for the reasons mentioned above), and also is such a handsome name. Good luck!

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    Since your sons' names are so eclectic I can't say "X goes better with Gebriael, Roscoe, and Cormac" so... I prefer Soren. I'm really not a big fan of either name though. Severin brings to mind a strict, cold man with sharp cheekbones; he does everything with precision and never smiles. Soren (the "sore" part bothers me) has a far more pleasant image. I picture a man with golden blonde hair and kind eyes; he's artistic and introverted with an air of mystery about him.

    Gebriael, Roscoe, and Cormac are all upbeat and genial to me, and I just don't get that from Soren or Severin. From the names in your signature, I think the energetic, spunky Boaz is the best fit. It has the same energy as Roscoe and Cormac and it's Biblical like Gebriael, so it does a lot to tie the three names together.
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    Soren. I have the same Harry Potter associations with Severin, and it looks a lot like the word severe.
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